To make the right business decisions, you need clear answers to strategic questions.

  • What do your customers think about your services?
  • What is the revenue potential of the products and services you want to market?
  • What is your brand positioning and brand image across your markets?
  • Are your employees happy?
  • How can you create value for your services?

Our mission is to define the issues involved in your business decisions and determine the most effective means of acquiring and interpreting information that will facilitate your decision making and strategic choices.

Our services

Satisfaction measurement

Find out what customers, employees, partners and suppliers think.

Sector and industry profiles

Assess market size, competitors and success factors.

Assessment of business development opportunities

Define the income potential of new markets and new products and services.

Strategic consulting

Guide business decisions and strategies.

Positioning and segmentation

Create development strategies tailored to target customers.

Our approach

Our approach is entirely personalized and structured to determine the most appropriate means of achieving your objectives. It includes:

  • Working meetings to understand the decisions you must make
  • Definition of issues, potential strategies and courses of action
  • Development of information gathering methods appropriate for target customers
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Surveys
  • Presentation of results and strategic recommendations


With a pragmatic approach focused on concrete results, Avox professionals act as consultants with business leaders, helping them align their marketing, business development and communication strategies.

During their careers, they have developed numerous strategic and marketing plans and spearheaded various market research studies that have led to the launch of new products, the development of new markets and the creation of innovative business approaches.

AVOX professionals employ a methodology that is both strategic, in its definition of the stakes, issues and challenges of a specific industry and the organizations that operate within it, and tactical, in its development and execution of the action plans required to rise to these challenges and establish a lasting market position.

As consultants to executives of both major corporations and SMEs, they have demonstrated their thorough knowledge of the retail, communications, IT, e-commerce, services and manufacturing sectors.


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